YC Brand Story

YC was formed by the couple owner Barry and Nancy in 2007. Aim to do a different brand, brand name is very important. YC has very special meaning, Y is for young, and C is for China. Keep a young heart, it requests not only for the owner but also for each YC staffs, improve our service all the time but not to make the store fixtures for our customer follow old fashion. We are proud of China having so many good store fixture manufacturers, and YC is a member in this industry. With providing flexible MOQ, customizing service, one-stop retail resolutions, YC aim keep growing and the ultimate goal is that, when the customer is talking about store fixtures, they will know a brand named YC, not the biggest one, but the irreplaceable one.

Why to choose YC? 02

  1. Small MOQ is acceptable
  2. Customising for clients: do it as per your concept
  3. Space design: one-stop service for retail resolutions as long as you provide plan view
  4. Designing ability: from rendering pictures to 3D version
  5. Storage ability: stock your goods in our factory, pay as per each shipment
  6. Flexible price: customise the rack as per your budget
  7. Production ability: combined wood with metal and acrylic materials to gain a best displays